I haven’t met you; but, I can feel you.
In every breath that you are taking;
I take the air with the scent of fresh flowers.
You feed me; because I am always hungry.

Even though, you are sleeping; you dream of me.
You carry me for many months with no complaining.
The life you give me is from love everlasting.
After many months of sleepless nights,

You are tired and utterly weary.

But in your heart, you are excited to see me.
Today, I meet you; In my mind, you are angry.
You are crying as you hold me; but, you are

kissing me as if you don’t want to release me.
Your whispers make me cool; you are saying,
I love you, baby; you are so beautiful.
With all of me, I will never cease to love you;

For you are the gift from High Above
A mother’s love is very pure!
Untarnished through the test of time.
As I was born, my mama was born too.

Not as a baby but as my mummy;
With unselfish needs to carry through.
If children are the gift from God;
A mother is the gift of God to humankind.