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Pregnancy is one of the most spectacular moments that ever happened to me — giving birth is another. September 29 is very special to me. Twenty- eight years ago, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. To hold the small human being that I carried for nine months made me cry in happiness. Motherhood is the best experience that I have. As of the moment, I am not with my gorgeous daughter to celebrate this occasion as she now lives in Paris, France. Albeit, we domicile in different continents, our bonding is unbreakable. In two weeks time, I will fly to Paris to be with my baby. I am getting anxious now — totally thrilled that I will be near her for the next five months, spending Christmas and New Year. Last night, I could not sleep and few times I called my daughter. To touch her face and give my warmest greeting is what I long. As mother and daughter, we have misunderstandings, not many times. Perhaps, counting them with the use of my fingers is plenty. Nevertheless, those are parts of the blossoming friendship that we developed and kept on making. We make great memories and those keep me going in times that I miss her very much. I will sit down and ponder the marvellous stints in the days gone. We can only talk so much on the cyberspace and watch each other do our tasks. However, to sit down with her in person — have breakfast, lunch, and dinner or even just to have coffee on the veranda is gratifying. But, just like many others when grown-up, my daughter cannot be with mummy anymore. She has her life. The thing with motherhood — a unique path; I promenade whilst cherishing the joy and laughter we share — remarkable and second to none. To Victoria, you are a friend. But firstly — you are my sweet baby daughter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And to all the celebrants today, I wish you all the best! Be a friend to you mum. Mother and daughter are the best buddies.






On the beams of the morning,

I woke up with pains in my legs.

As my body cosseted to the just of the pillows;

A pirouette in my dreams then appeared.

Soon to come, I was in the hospital bed lying;

Waiting for my baby to be born on that day.

To the joy of the moment, a cry from a girl!

My heart served to the verve and shouted with all glee;

A beautiful baby girl was smiling at me.

To the many moons that passed our nights;

I cradled and nurtured her with all my heart.

As I embraced her to the hobo of the magical stint;  

I did cry and lamented when she wept and screamed.

When she laughed, it dominated the arena of the scene.

Thus, became the sonata to the field of my realm.

When she danced to the music of the Hays;

With all eyes, I watched without a blink.

In chronicling the Clover of my palm;

A Colleen had turned into a lady very fast.

In the city of romance and love now she lives. 

In my heart, she is the stunning princess — a gem.

In my soul — gladness she brings evermore.

Charms to my day — her spirit lifts me up to the sky. 

Through it all, she is a flashing meteorite.

And graciously gives lights to anyone’s burgeon world.

Her finesse is the glory of my eyes;

Her elocution is the melody to the song.

As she passes, the Aurora of the sun rays with her;

So refine and a la vogue, I will say.

Honoured I and much flattered, yet to say; 

A beautiful child is now a fine Mademoiselle.

My dear daughter, you will always be my sweet baby girl

For in my limbs, my extension is such a panache;

Sent to me from Someone up There.

My journey is such a blissful flight because of you. 

You are the horizon in the meadows 

Who gives me joy, flare, and glare.


May the stars and the constellations align to your wishes.