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As the Miss Universe 2015 is trending, I looked at the posts in Facebook, Twitter and the whole lot of media. To the honest truth, I did not watch the event that day as I was busy with my life and, therefore, did not have any idea how the contestants looked until I heard from a friend of what had happened. I watched the footage the next day and thought for a second of what it is all about. The camaraderie born and progressed among the contestants, no doubt. Those beautiful ladies are the crème of their countries represented to be the Ambassador of Goodwill. Steve Harvey proclaimed that Ms Columbia is the Miss Universe of 2015, two or so minutes, the host then came back on stage – rectified his mistake and talked to the pleonasm of the prism. It was an honourable thing to do. However, as a result, there was a commotion; the glamour of the account became the arena of a nightmare. No doubt, in front of the millions of people around the world watching via satellite – overwhelmed with confusion as well. Miss Columbia must be devastated for she already wore the crown walking and giving her full smiles to the crowd. I felt the sombreness in my heart as I continued to view. Miss Philippines appeared speechless and bowled over, and perhaps, felt the same as me and just wanted to give the title away. What good in the world this happenstance brought the Universe? Mistakes could happen in any ungiven forth in Eden that even the most experienced presenter could not imagine. Perhaps, out of excitement, Steve announced the wrong country. Miss Columbia was euphorically ambling to the Garden of Roses and suddenly pricked by its thorns. I had watched many beauty pageants on television when I was young. And the faces of the Filipina winners were different from the others. They seemed so shy with radiance and humbling about their triumphs. The subtle gestures of how a Filo (As what they are referred to in Australia) were gentle like the swaying of the wind.

After viewing the Miss Universe Pageant 2015, I also watched the bad opinion of Ms Germany who totally believes that it was Ms Columbia; deserving of the crown and later apologised. I do not wonder why Ms Germany was nowhere near the five finalists. In my younger years, Miss Universe Contest was one of my most awaited moments to happen. It was 1969 when I cried as I watched – Gloria Diaz won, the first Filipina to hold the crown of the most prestigious beauty contest Miss Universe, so graceful. Then, in 1973 in Greece, Margie Moran, utterly finesse and cool when she won over Miss USA. The Philippines, a tiny country in the Pacific has won many times in the beauty contests. Is it for the reason that the Pinays have such good genes? Is it the beauty alone that counts? I have not entered in the beauty pageant and for that matter, in real essence, I do not have a clue how it works on the judging. However, the presenter would say how and the categories mentioned but being a contestant is a different cattle of fish. As far I know, the talent and answers to the questions carry a lot of points. The Filipinos are brilliant and the wisdom – impeccable. I’m not saying this because I am a Filipina by birth although I acquired citizenship from Australia along the way. I heard many nationalities had said the same thing.

In any contest, be it sport or beauty, sportsmanship must prevail. The winner proclaimed by the judges – always correct. But in the 2015 saga, the presenter made a mistake but soon enough fixed. But, it did not finish there. And became the bombardment to the kernel of the brains from the audience – question asked, how did it happen? It was a big blow to Ms Columbia; no doubt. However, she handled the situation with grace, I thoroughly believe, it is painful. Adhering to the tangibility of the correctness of the judging, the truth, Miss Columbia is also a winner, first runner-up. For me: to enter that kind of competition, the young and beautiful ladies are already winners. The road that they passed by must be daunting but they have to give their best shot. Donald Trump said that; Ms Philippines and Ms Columbia should share the title? Well, that is his opinion but why? It was not the mistake of the judges. It was just announced wrongly. Where is the standpoint of the judges if this case would happen; that there are two title holders? Judges decision is always right – that’s the perfect answer to me. Therefore, there is only one Miss Universe in 2015 – Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzback.

The Universe has a plan for everyone…the constellation aligned to the correctness manifested to humankind. A thing that seemed to be unbelievable can happen fast like a comet passing by. Nevertheless, whatever we do, humility goes a long way. Pia’s humbleness and gentleness – a gift from heaven. Miss Universe 2015 – Epic moment.