It has been two months since  I came back to live in Darwin, Northern Territory. I have been away for four years. Going back to where I spent my life for more than half of my age was indeed exciting. I have my family and friends around. Four years ago, vividly, I recollect that I travelled to Kalgoorlie, Western Australia to live. It was daunting, but, it was the choice I made. For all good reasons, the wilderness of the Western Australian desert has given me a different perspective in life. That is where I began to write again. I have the greatest inspiration that I needed to go back to the world of Creative Writing. However, after two months, I moved again to a different state, Queensland. The kind people and the surroundings enhance the totality  of my inspirations to inscribe.

Recollecting few of my journals inscribed on the days I was free. Pressing each button on my computer to finish my manuscript, an everyday scene. My nails got so much longer as days gone. No more going out of the house to work outside my sphere. Totally, I went back to Creative Writing; the world of storytelling of the characters I created.

At first, publishing a novel was just to fulfil my aim to have a book. It does not matter whether I do not earn from it. I don’t think about the monetary aspect when I inscribe. I love to write. That is the most important thing. But, remember, writers have to eat and pay the bills as well, just like any other human being. Some struggle to get by; working few jobs and also write. I am lucky enough, that when I went back to Creative Writing, I have already passed the challenges in life. However, my intention of publishing again is not in my cup of tea anymore. I am not a business woman. I am a writer. I cannot hold to the stress of the business side of it. I want to write, and I love to write. That is my aim. And for me to accomplish that; I have to concentrate. In whatever you choose to do, you must be able to recognise your strength. Do not even try to sway yourself to use your weakness. Instead, work and develop your strongest side. God has given you the tool. It is up to you to make it happen.

The happiness that I have achieved in writing is words undescribed. The materialisation of the characters adhered to the tangibility of time immortalised. Any dream is possible to get if one works hard to achieve it. Nothing is impossible under the sun and more so, in the heat of your longing to the work you love. Regardless of the challenges ahead and the hurdles that you must jump, always remember, God has given you the power and strength to pass those upheavals.