Oh! My favourite moment of the year is here again. It is the time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. This Christmas season, I have been travelling Europe. I arrived in London the second week of October, stayed for few days and headed to Paris to be with my daughter and her family. I was already on the way to Paris to be with her before she was to give birth. But, my beautiful child went to an early labour whilst I was on the way.

To meet my extension was an overwhelming experience; the newly addition to my family, the birth of my first grandchild. After two weeks in Paris bonding with my granddaughter, I headed to Brussels to collect materials for my writing, then Berlin, Prague, and Vienna. The Christmas decoration in those beautiful cities was already taking place.

Vienna was the first city that Christmas decorations were already in full bloom, although it was only November. Two days before I left Vienna, the Christmas market opened. I was able to to have a glimpse. The illuminations of the lights of which brought me the spirit of the Yuletide season was overwhelming. Many people were going up and down buying Christmas presents and different sorts of the Viennese food. The freezing weather did not stop the populace to have a look at the newly stalled Christmas market. It was a spectacular scene to see that the natal day of the Saviour and the Redeemer celebrated in many parts of the world.

After Vienna, I went back to Paris where I intend to spend the Christmas with my daughter and her family who chose to live in this famous city. Paris is where her heart belongs. My gorgeous granddaughter will utterly grace the affair. Bonding with family members is downright essential not only for the reason that we live miles apart. The family is an institution of which is the foundation of the society. Christmas is not the same without your loved ones. As I have to do more travelling, I brought my daughter and my granddaughter to the South of France. After a week or so, they went back to Paris, and I continued my journey to Barcelona and made my way through to Madrid. Spain – the place where my ancestors came from already filled with Christmas spirit. The illuminations of the four cities I visited, Barcelona, Valencia, Toledo, and Madrid were well and truly alive preparing for the birthday of Jesus Christ. I went back to Paris a week before Christmas to prepare for the festive season.

It is Christmas day! I am in Paris with my family. What a great day to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas, world. Last night, I attended the Children’s Christmas Mass. My prayers, may love, joy and peace be on earth. Enjoy your day! I will definitely will have an awesome day.