The miracles, the dedication, and the bountiful blessing of Holy Spirit and the Divinity with no end comes. Thanking God with words is not even enough. God delivers everything that I ask. With my totality, I thank Him. Being on earth for nearly fifty-eight years and healthy is marvellous. My travel in this universe is a splendid one.

2016 has been an excellent year for me. But, it has given me a different aspect of what life is all about – the time to contemplate as I get older happened. My family has always been my priority, their happiness, and well-being. Hang on! Have I think about myself? Have I mainly set plenteous rhythm to myself? Or that cosmos is just merely a form of greediness with cantering voices on my brain? When I was young, I deemed that manner; that ruminating of myself was egotistical. It is not true at all. I cannot forget when my primary teacher in grade five asked the class who was the most important person in life. Each of us answered the same; the parents. Then, my dear ma’am as we called her took a mirror. She stared at herself in the mirror and said, “The person I am looking at is the most important. To be able to love and give it to others; you need to be worthy of yourself.”

One cannot deny that you love because you want it reciprocally. What is the point of giving so much when you don’t get anything in return? I used to think that it is better to give love than to receive. It does not mean materiality. Come to think of it? At this juncture of my existence; yes, I have loved myself that’s why I have given that passion to my family, extended clans, and friends.

Time is essential whether you are young or for a person getting old like me. The many peoples I’ve met whom I did not even know; the places I have been – downright outstanding. In their way, they had given me their time and care. And I am wholly grateful for that. Beneath the grand façade of the beautiful clothes and bling in my life, there is no better way to give love than to spend time with the people dear to me. Being sluggish eating pizza on a rainy day with my family or maybe just walking along the beach laughing. These things are the most enjoyable moments. Seeing my children graduated from the university and have great life – my ultimate aim which I am sure is the same with other parents.

2017 is a new beginning. All the jazz you do and where on earth you are, be optimistic. As the rising sun comes in the Northern Hemisphere, it forty winks on the other periphery. Like any other circumstances, they come and go. Happiness is always in your hands. Take your problems as challenges. Many times, these goals make us shine. Living in a competitive world is tiring, not only in mind but your soul, many people step on each other. But, this must not be the case. Patience and humbleness are the ingredients; they are the nobility of the soul. Those traits will bring anyone yonder ahead of the horizon. Sometimes, things do not happen as we want to – different bearings they come. When it occurs, take it as a better path and not the gloomy one. The road to success may be long, but hardships are part of it. Then, contemplate if the difficulties are worth. It could also be the sign to choose a different avenue. For life must be dealt with enjoyment – just savour the ride. Episodes come even if we don’t want it; they are the spices that make you think and assess. They make you use your talent – digest them as inspirations and not a downfall.

HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR, my wish to you, dearest family and friends. GOD grant us the most fantastic flight; look forward and promenade to the path you are heading. May God grant us PEACE in the world.