Live your life today; For you to cherish the yesterday. Tomorrow is another day; Aim as if tomorrow is today.-13Every Valentine’s day is no different from the other. It is a special day; it does not matter where you live. There is always the excitement even before the exceptional and unique day when you are in love. Love is an indescribable feeling that gives you an overwhelming happiness. In relationships, there will be ups and downs. And when the debacles and challenges come your way, do not give up; find your peace spiritually. Ask the help of God. When you need the space alone to heal, contemplate and dig deeper to the realm of Divinity. You never know, you might be going to the highest level of your spirituality with your ‘Twin flame.’

By Virginia Close

In the lane


near the bay I could see my sweetheart

running. Wearing red shirt to conform with

the celebration of the day.

Valentine’s day, forgets he not to

bring me roses and glazed chocolates

that I love. My heart soars in the sky with

his thoughtfulness and kindness. I am

utterly lucky to have the ambrosial

love of my life. As I am giggling and laughing,

my excitement adheres. To give me kisses

and hugs is the epitome of my day.

Like a movie, in slow motion,

I start to move like a princess with

finesse execution. But not to my knowing,

a rock is going to trip me. Oh! My darling is

like a tornado, rushing with all his might.

The roses are flying in the air, the box

of chocolates crushing to the ground.

Never mind, I am safe as my darling catches me on time.

My heart is trembling, my soul divinely enhance,

and my spirit is at peace with my love in his arms.