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WOT_Murder in Desert Inn_Poster_10072015

Going back to writing is like coming home. To the joy of my being, the constellation where I once rotated became apparent to my heart; that I have to do what I am meant to. The world of Creative Writing is the sphere where my soul belongs and for the matter, I have to share with humankind the gift that the Almighty and the Universe had showered me. The stellar in heaven sparkle to the just of their longings; the meteorites are shooting in the prowess of the cosmic forces – rejoicing as my hands inscribe every molecule of words.

My first published novel – THE MURDER IN DESERT INN – is now at hand, bringing the readers to the world of the magical land and myth-like scenario of the main character. The dramatis personae became my friends. Thus, nourished my nous to the plethora of astrological configuration of the Shangrila.