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To dream and to hold the whimsical justification of your magical fantasy is an utmost importance. To believe that anything is possible – not a myth but a dashing realism. As the days gone by, I relish the exceptional brightness of each second when I was launching the novel, The Murder in Desert. Manila is dear to my heart, the charming but dense urban town. The so many happenstances at the same time in the week of my launching, it was a dream come true – the venue was full. A glorious moment that despite the traffic and the hardships of the media and guests to travel, they were able to attend.

The time for me to talk to my audience adhered, my voice seemed to crack at the very first sentence. It was nerve wrecking although I was well and truly ready. I was thoroughly thankful that despite all the ups and downs that I passed by, it became the truth. My hard work paid off. It was not the corporeality to the materialism but the fact that at my age, my passion for writing had been rewarded by the people who believe in me. In every trace of marvellous sparkles on the facial expressions that I had witnessed, I was euphoric that at long last –  the fruit from the vines that I nourished for a while; to be known.

The silence from the audience became the sonata to my ears. The frontal images of excitement from everyone were the thrill to my soul. My heart trembled with merriment as I read a part of the chapter. I wanted to stop talking, although I noticed the semblances of everyone were focused on me. I just longed to hug and thank the guests for the precious time they were spending with me. God showed me the path to the Avenue of Nirvana – to follow my passion.

There is so much beauty in life. There are so much joy and seventh heaven in this world that many aspire. To dream and to make it happen is paramount to one’s happiness. I am very passionate about writing. Passion has no barriers and definitely has no age limit. Regardless of the many places that I had been and the materials things that I have, without love, my life meant nothing. God showers me this gift that I must share with everyone – Creative Writing. I thank God for all my blessing.