It was an overwhelming feeling when Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd based in London, UK, had accepted my manuscript, ‘The Case of Barbara Lombardi.’ I burst into tears. And more so when I received the second – too good to be true but it happened. I am grateful to God, and of course to my publisher who believed in me.

‘The Case of Barbara Lombardi’ is the second manuscript that I have written. To recollect the path that I had passed seemed like a dream. The latest work that I had submitted is soon to see the light of day. My faith in God is secure, and to believe in me is essential for other people to have the confidence for whatever endeavour I am taking. Negative criticisms are part of life, but the good thing about is, you can turn it to your advantage by spiraling the negatives to positives. I love to write. Writing novels was my biggest passion when I was young. And my dedication paid off. Getting acceptance from a publishing house was utterly rewarding. Remember, writers have to eat and pay the bills as well, just like any other human being. Some struggle to get by; working a few jobs and also write. I am lucky enough that when I went back to Creative Writing, I have already passed the challenges that life offered. I tried to submit my manuscript to an Australian publishing house. It did not happen; I was late for the dates of submission. I have to wait for another three weeks. I googled for other publishing houses and submitted the first three chapters of my work to Austin Macauley Publishing Ltd based in London, UK. I always put in my head that if a publishing house read my manuscript, and got accepted, I have given the best opportunity. As well, I believed that the editors are my first readers. And therefore, nothing to lose, only to gain. Love yourself, love what you do and above all, love God. There is only one key to happiness, ‘LOVE.’ Believing in oneself is great, manifesting what you aim for in life is even greater!