33EFC2D3-B041-4645-AF0A-163709996B55My granddaughter is a treasure to my heart!


The Happiest Birthday Girl!

I know a beautiful girl named Juliette.

She lives in a faraway land. Paris – that is.

Her eyes are the lights of the sea.

Not only that!

They also sparkle like shining stars.

Her voice sounds like a singing angel

coming from the sky that lyrics the music

in my heart. Oh! How enchanting that is.

Thus captivates my soul.

With her soft little hands,

she caresses my face – like giving thanks

that I am around. I vividly recall when I visited her,

I read stories of fairy tales. As she listened

with all delight, her semblance shines

that makes me bloom like a bud of a rose.

This adorable being is so dear to my heart.

Although Juliette lives away from my side,

I am thankful that she loves me with all her heart.

Happy Birthday my sweet granddaughter.

You bring me laughter and joy that makes

me whole!